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Caring for Your Braces

Great attention should be paid to oral hygiene while undergoing orthodontic treatment to minimize discomfort during treatment and to reduce the risk of decalcification spots.

Brushing should be performed after each meal. It is important to take a toothbrush to school or work. Diligent brushing includes brushing all sides of the braces and teeth and also along the gums. Flossing requires use of a floss threader or an orthodontic flosser.

Diet limitations should be observed to prevent breaking appliances and prolonging treatment. Avoid crunchy (popcorn, ice-cubes, nuts, pizza crust, croutons, corn on the cob, etc.) and sticky foods (gummy bears, taffy, bubblegum, etc.). If a brace loosens, please do not delay in contacting our office. Sugary drinks should always be limited but it is especially important during orthodontic treatment to prevent decalcification and decay while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

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